best ways to invest money to make money

منتدي خاص ببإشهار مواقع الاعضاء :: يدفع العضو 5000 نقطة لقاء إشهار موقعه او مدونته :: يكسب العضو 0 للرد

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* يجب ان تكون صاحب الموقع او المدونة او المنتدى
* تجنب السبام الردود الاقل من 75 حرفا
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best ways to invest money to make money

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Best ways to invest money to make money Investing your money doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a big sum of money, there are ways to invest hundreds of dollars (and even less) and eventually have way more than the amount you started with, and it’s the way many rich people started their way to the top. Here are some tips to help you start your investment: 1. Try to reduce costs of your living. This will help you spend less money on luxury and more on your investments. 2. Put aside as much as you can effort and do it with each income you get. Try to make it at least 10% and do it systematically. 3. Spend time on self education (read everything that is related to your investments: articles, books, financial journals, etc.) 4. You can invest as much as you like, as long as you’ve taken care of other financial commitments. 5. Keep track of your investments. That way you can see how they work for you, and plan their future. And finally: always remember you’re risking to loose money and that’s the way it works. The more you can save - the more you can invest, so invest wisely. casablanca, Morocco

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