investment money market

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investment money market

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you need to understand the following before you join the investment money market Benefits Upside potential. One of the main assets of equity investment is the prospect of high yields. As long as a company is in a growth phase, the value of its shares increases. If you buy a stock at a specific price, and after five years it has doubled over, you benefit from this growth. Easy access. Many values ​​are listed on the stock markets. With sufficient starting capital, many individuals are able to negotiate these values ​​if they also make an effort to search for relevant information and financial studies. The liquidity. Compared to other kinds of securities, securities traded on the stock market often enjoy greater liquidity: this means that shares can be bought and sold easily and thus turned into cash, that is to say, money liquid. Dividends. Many companies distribute to shareholders a portion of their profits in the form of cash dividends. The dividend payment may provide some form of regular income to shareholders and represent a value beyond the value of the action itself. Disadvantages The volatilité.Les stock prices tend to fluctuate suddenly, both upwards and downwards, and sometimes for some obvious reasons. When a stock falls sharply, investors may panic, the fall of the title. Limités.Bien property rights that each share represents a small share of the company, holders of Common Shares are not very often that of minority shareholders and do not enjoy all the privileges of the majority shareholders regarding the ownership of the securities. A company must also pay its creditors, employees and suppliers before distributing the money to its common shareholders. Incomplètes.Les information of investors are not aware of all the information of a company, making it difficult to profit on shares and other investment decisions. novoutkinsk, Russian Federation

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