different ways to invest money

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* لكل موضوع 2000+
* لكل رد 0
* يمنع نقل المواضيع من منتدى اخر والردود يجب ان تحتوى علي 75 حرفا
* يمنع استعمال صور ليست لك وان تكون الصور بحقوقك + موقع عرب شاترز واثبات الدفع يكون لك شخصيا
* يلتزم صاحب الموضوع بتنظيم موضوعه والاجابة علي كل استفسارات الاعضاء
* قبل الضغط علي ارسال الموضوع اضغط علي إستعراض حتي ترى كيف يظهر موضوعك للأخرين وحتى تنظمه
* عنوان الموضوع يكون شامل واسم الشركة تكون بالعربية والاجنبية
* محتوى الموضوع يكون منسق وفي اول سطرين من الموضوع تكون جملة مكونة من 250 حرف فيها ملخص عام وشامل للموضوع
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different ways to invest money

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Most people focus on learning a foreign language, computer, vocational training ... and invest more for a degree, positively strive to desire one good job, high salary. In fact, wages can not help you get rich and you’re hard work to make money. Many people give up paid employment, incorporation, private business with the desire to get rich, but they bogged down and losing money by the companies themselves set up. Getting rich is not taught in schools. In fact, the school is designed to train good workers, not the boss good. Most people understand the work they are doing a better understanding of money. If you think this is your problem was getting myself right then read on. Many people focus on money different ways to invest money purchase Real Estate, gold or securities for profit. But after a few years the shows lose more total wins. Many portfolio easily ’jump’ into which can not ’jump’ out and you lost a lot of money capital doanh.Ban capital but why businesses struggle again, always rely on luck but self-determination can not be his game? You work very hard, save, but the pace of currency devaluation faster than the amount you earned last year and is still the loser you cuoc.Gio here has changed history, secrets about money was ajar. Learning to start investing money for their work and choose a safe haven for your money. Then you have the money and have the time to enjoy. Investing is risky so you need to learn to control investment risks. Воловець, Ukraine
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